Measures for the prevention of unauthorized use of plastic card by the third persons:

Measures for the prevention of unauthorized use of plastic card by the third persons:

  • Never disclose your PIN-code to anyone. Neither employee of the bank issuing the card and servicing ATM, no investigating officer has the right to ask about your PIN-code;
  • Never write your PIN-code on the card;
  • Never keep PIN-code together with the card; it is better to know it by heart and not to keep it in writing form;
  • Immediately after the receipt of the card you should sign at the back of the card;
  • Never give your card to other person. If necessary you can get additional card, and your relations will be able to use the funds on your account;
  • Do not leave the card unattended - e.g. in the car, on the table in the restaurant;
  • On loss of the card you should immediately call Azericard, phone 194. You must give your password to block the card;
  • At least once in a month you should check monetary movement on your card account. Special attention should be paid on transactions on the account after the traveling when you used your card.

Safety measures at the ATMs

  • Do not allow strangers to see your PIN-code being input. It is very likely that later your card, and then money from your account will disappear;
  • Do not make mistakes when inputting PIN-code. After three failed attempts your card will be blocked;
  • Operate with ATM without delays, do not leave the card in the card-reading device, as in this case the card will be kept by the ATM for the reasons of safety;
  • Trust nobody at the ATM, even if this person wears the security uniform of the bank, or uniform of ATM service team;
  • Try not to keep money that you took from the ATM in the open view, or count them in front of the ATM. ATMs do not make mistakes, and even mistake has been made, ATM will not answer, while wad of banknotes in your hands could impress surrounding people, with the predictable implications.

Safety measures when paying in the shop or restaurant by card:

  • You should handle your card like your purse. Imagine that when paying, you hold out your purse instead of 1-2 banknotes, and ask to take required sum of money from the purse. Never let the card out of your eyeshot. This is an access to your money;
  • Never sign more than three slips when you are paying with the use of imprinter (without POS-terminal). Signature on the slip is your consent for withdrawal of the indicated sum from your card account. Of three slips signed by yourself one will remain in the organization, another will be forwarded by this organization to the bank, and the third you should keep as a confirmation of transaction;
  • Never sign the slip without the specified sum. Having signed such slip, you allow somebody withdrawing money from your account within the limits of funds available on your account;
  • Having signed the slip, cross out all vacant fields. Thus, cashier will not be able to insert something, and you will not withdraw extra sums from the account;
  • If the slip was prepared incorrectly, you should demand its annulment. If the slip was prepared incorrectly, and they suggested issuing a new slip, do not hesitate to ask to annul the erroneous one. Otherwise double sum could be written off from your account.

Safety measures when paying by card via Internet:

  • Try not to leave your personal data and information about your card at the unfamiliar sites;
  • You should be alerted with the "cheap" design of the site, where minimum information is given, where content of the site does not comply with the advertised business, where there are non-functioning links and services, if you are requested to input card requisites at the site of the online store. Look, where organization you are going to pay is located. If there is no address, or you are not confident with same, think twice before paying.
  • When paying via Internet do not use cards where you keep large sums of money. Virtual Card MasterCard of Azerigasbank is the best for this purpose; you can add money to the account assigned to this card as required;
  • With the least suspicion of unauthorized withdrawal of money from your account apply to the bank. Within a certain period and with suitable conditions you should be able to dispute this unauthorized transaction.

Observing these rules and recommendations you will enjoy using payment cards of AGBank. Only card holder is responsible for all problems caused by negligence and violation of the rules listed above.


  • After three wrong inputs of PIN-code ATM will capture the card and block it. This is special safety measure against the fraud, if somebody tries to find out your PIN-code. Apply to the customer service of the Bank and they will help you to get the card back.
  • If you lost the card, notify immediately service center of Azericard by 24-hour phone 194. Your card will be blocked immediately. The earlier you call to service center, the less chances the fraudsters will have.

And, finally, remember one golden rule that will help you always to control your card account:

  • Do not forget to receive bank statement on the expenditures under your card and check it minimum once a month. If you disagree with some transaction under the card account, you can declare about it within 30 days from the date of statement. If bank receives your statement that you did not implement any operation later that specified, they will not be able to help you to return your money. Looking through the statements you can control compliance of sums written off from your account with actual expenditures.

To make this procedure easier, you must simply connect to Mobile Banking system and information will arrive to you automatically.

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