MasterCard Standard

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  • Payment for commodities and services
  • Cash withdrawal (ATM and cash department of the bank)
  • Hotel booking
  • Rent-a-car

MasterCard Standard - Mass card, one of the most widely used payment cards in the world, with optimum ratio of cost and spectrum of provided services. This card, which became a standard in this area, combines convenience and high reliability; it is appropriate both for payment for any commodities and services, and for withdrawal of cash. You can also use the card MasterCard Standard for booking hotel and car rental.

This card fall into the category of credit cards "pay later", i.e. first services are provided to the owners of these cards in some trade outlets and for a certain sum, and after that they pay for these services. Data on credit cards are embossed (they are bossy to the touch), and thus they are also accepted where there are no electronic POS, and imprinter is available. These cards do not envisage any collections, urgent replacement, or urgent issue of cash.

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