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  • Payment for commodities and services
  • Cash withdrawal (ATM and cash department of the bank)
  • Cash withdrawl

Maestro - cards of the type "pay now" - debit cards, which allow customer paying for his purchases only within the sum available on his account.

  • These cards are accepted only where 100% authorization is possible - АТМs, electronic terminals (POS)
  • You cannot book a hotel, rent a car using these cards, as these services are provided against a credit.
  • It is expected that there could not be enough funds on the card of this level to pay for hotel of Sheraton class.
  • Now electronic cards are available practically for anybody who can pay for such card.
  • Maestro cards are accepted in the trade outlets and ATMs with the logo Maestro.
  • Maestro cards are affordable bank cards.
  • They are convenient for people who are used to monitor their expenditures and desire to make their operations with bank accounts secure as much as possible.

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