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  • To be the owner of several cards
  • Get a gift as a discount card of AGClub and insurance
  • Discounts in over than 350 trade objects

When buying a package of credit cards, instead of one you get four and are completely different in use. If a single card is lost or damaged, you simply block the lost card and use the funds on the second card. There may also be a problem in the store when purchasing goods or when withdrawing cash if the POS terminal or ATM accepts cards only in VISA systems or vice versa

Having received a package of credit cards, the Bank insures you against accidents for free, and transfers you an insurance package with nineteen types of insurance. This will save you time and money. You do not need to contact the insurance company once again; you do not need to pay extra money when AGBank has already done this for you

Having received a package of credit cards, you will be given a discount card free of charge, through which you can get a discount when buying goods or paying for services.

The annual M / C and VISA prizes give you the opportunity to participate in both systems and receive valuable prizes if you receive a credit card package

All clients of AGBank are offered not only plastic cards but also exclusive products in the form of complex of services.

AGClub Premium EUR package:

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