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  • To be the owner of several cards
  • Get a gift as a discount card of AGClub and insurance
  • Discounts in over than 350 trade objects

Gift-card can be easily passed, presented to any person - there is no name on the card and in this case this does not violate regulations of payment systems. This card is issued on the approval of payment systems, as it is "prepaid" card. As this is a gift, commission for cash withdrawal via POS and ATM is not taken. The customer who bought this card, i.e. the customer on whose name account was opened, will be responsible for risks. Balance of funds on the account should not exceed 1200 US dollars.
AGClub Gift from AGBank will relieve you of anxiety about the present.
AGClub Gift is an excellent present for any event, wedding, birthday or just pleasant surprise. You can present is both to members of your family, and business partners, colleagues!

AGClub Gift = Visa Electron Gift + AGClub (discount card)
Thus, when presenting money on the card Visa Electron, at the same time you are presenting discount card AGClub.

AGClub Gift is accepted worldwide, where there is logo Visa Electron - 12 million РОS-terminals, 750 thousand АТМs.

AGClub Gift is the present forever. It will serve you even after all money is spent, as card account can be replenished and you will be able to use your card again and again!

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