Collateral Showcase

«Showcase of collateral» is the program of AGBank exclusively favourable credit terms for obtaining of interesting you goods or real estate.

Besides, all property is in pledge at the bank so, it is already checked up on legal issues. The property is exposed by the proprietor on sale at the market price, but thus you can always agree about more profitable terms of purchasing.

What property can be obtained?

  1. Real estate:
  2. Transport:
    • Passenger car;
    • Truck;
    • Other vehicles.
  3. Technique:
    • Construction;
    • Agriculture;
    • Office;
    • Life.
  4. Equipments:
    • Standard equipment;
    • Non standard equipment;
    • Production line.
  5. Things:
    • Jewellery;
    • Art;
    • Life.
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