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Profitable deposit

  • Keep money in safety
  • Plastic cards are given for free
  • SMS Bankinq for free.
  • Term of deposit: min. 3months, max.12 months
  • Min. amount- 100 AZN/USD/EUR, max.- no limit
  • Interest on deposit is paid monthly and no capitalization.
  • Additional investment- till the first middle of the period of deposit (min. Additional investment 100 AZN/USD/EUR, max.- no limit), above the first middle is not provided.
  • In case of early withdrawal of deposits, the contract is cancelled, interests are recalculated and interests are not paid.
  • No prolongation of deposit
  • Gift card and services
  • İf the period of deposit is less than 12 months, by customer request, it is provided Maestro (deposit) card on a free basis for interest payment or İf the period of deposit less than 12 months according to the amount of deposit, it is provided plastic card on a free basis. SMS Bankinq service is provided for free if the initial summ of “PROFITABLE DEPOSIT” is 50.000 AZN/USD/EUR and more.

Interest rates:

Term of deposit

Monthly paid




3 months

8.5% per annum



6 months

10% per annum

1.5% per annum


9 months

11.5% per annum

2.25% per annum

12 months 13 % per annum 3% per annum 1% per annum
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