İnternal committees

Supervisory Board​:

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Asadulla Chingiz Rauf

Member of the Supervisory Board: Yusufov Farzulla Ismayil

Grigory Alexandrovich Marchenko

Movsumov Azer Fazil

The representative of the International Finance Corporation

Audit committee:

Chairman of Audit committee Bakhishev Fikret Farman

Member of Audit committee: Francev Mikhail Yurevich

Choxlayev Asif Ramazan

Executive board​:

Jalilov Afqan Suleyman

Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Musayev Elnur Akhmed

Member of Executive board:

Khalafova Sakina Rashid

Risk Management Committee

Chairman of Risk Management Committee – Asadulla Chingiz Rauf

Members of Risk Management Committee:

Movsumov Azer Fazil

Musayev Elnur Akhmed

Allakhverdiyev Mammad Enver

Jalilov Afqan Suleyman

Bakhishev Fikret Farman (no right to vote)

Awards Committee:

The chairman of Awards Committee: Asadulla Chingiz Rauf

The members of Awards Committee:

Movsumov Azer Fazil

Jalilov Afqan Suleyman

Zairov Emil Zahir

Musayev Elnur Akhmed

Large credit commitee:

Chairman of the Committee:Musayev Elnur Akhmed

Members of committee:

Jalilov Afqan Suleyman

Budaqova Kamilla Chingiz

Small Credit Committee

Chairman of the Committee: Aliyev Amir Mutalib

Members of the Committee:

Budaqova Kamilla Chingiz

Zeynalov Farhad Zeynal

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